New Quizzes: Allow Rich Content editing for fill in the blank

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Fill in the blank only allows word answer. If my students needs to enter (2sin(x)cos(x)) or something from calculus it gets confusing. If students as well as teachers are allowed to use Rich Content Editing in simple fill in the blank. I believe it will make it easier for all the chemistry and math teacher because it will enable latex typing.


For Example: This is hard to input:



Inputting: (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9)) can be very tricky and can be easily mistaken. Therefor if rich content editing(LaTex system) were to be allowed students can easily type



instead of (sin(3x))/((x-3)(x+3))-((3sin(x)cos^2(x)-sin^3(x))/(x^2-9))

Community Team
Community Team

 @bnepal ​

Thank you so much for your idea submission.  It will move forward for voting opening today!

I found a similar idea that may also interest you. 

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@ReneCarney I do know this is a feature others would want to see in canvas. Would you mind telling me how I can get this out to other people. Basically how do I inform others in canvas community regarding this?

Community Coach
Community Coach

The best way to do this is to post information about this feature idea to various Groups​ in the Community that you think might be interested. Other things that people do is post it to social media - like Twitter.

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Instructure Alumni

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. November 4, 2015 - Wed. February 3, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!

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Yes, it would be nice if all question types had consistent access to a RTE.  I end up having to occasionally redesign quiz questions in statistics in order to get the greek symbols I want.  p-hat and x-bar are especially difficult Smiley Happy 

- Melanie

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hello! Be sure to post a link to this and ask for help in the Teaching Math in Canvas group page!

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Yes, please! I work with middle schoolers, They all seem able to figure out various math editors, but when faced with text-based math they end up with weird things that aren't readable (partly that's their emerging understanding of notation). I end up twisting really good questions to fit into a way that I can have kids answer without typing in formulas.

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YES Please!!!

If we want kids to have math fluency they must be able to practice writing the language they are trying to be fluent in.

Tests should never be "Gotcha" moments and it does no good to assess them this way if their answers can't look like they should.

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canvas can't grade from a picture and that is what the rich content editor creates.  A simple work solution for the programmers would be to have an image display showing up as  student types a math equation.  It would show how it would appear if handwritten or in "mathprint" form which the new ti calculators now offer.  The question would still be graded  by the typed entry.

check out

I have often thought of having students go there and type it in and then copy and paste into campus but the problem would be that it also shows them solutions and it is an external website.

If the programmers are really good then they could also check for equivalency in equations too.  Some students might divide by the inverse instead of multiplying or they may use a lot more parentheses for example.

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PLEASE!  Just got off the phone with teachers who are BEGGING for this.