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When averaging quiz attempts or when using "latest score" for a quiz, it would be helpful if instructors could delete a quiz attempt by a student. If there is a glitch, an inaccurate/ incomplete attempt shouldn't be allowed to hurt the student's grade.


In the Moderate quiz screen, clicking on a student's name shows their attempts. When viewing an attempt, there can be a button to either delete/ remove the attempt, or to not count its results.




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2022-07-12 -- After reviewing this long-existing idea, the Community Team has determined that this request will remain Open. While it was authored when only Classic Quizzes existed, the idea can be applied to New Quizzes as well. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of duplicated Idea requests and allow the conversation and collaboration to exist in a single space. 

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Yes, we really need this feature to delete one student's attempt on a quiz or select to not include that student's attempt in the results because we take the average of two attempts.  Recently a few students encountered a glitch when taking a quiz.  The student answered one question, saved the quiz, and tried to return later, but the quiz submitted before it should have.   The quiz settings allow the student to complete the quiz over multiple days.  A student received a 0.5 out of 50 on a quiz and the average between the two attempts will be extremely low.  We need a way to delete the one attempt.  

Has anyone heard if Quizzes.Next will have this feature?

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Several instructors have asked me how to do this -- this needs to be an option.  Their students had glitches in the internet and the instructors want to delete those attempts.

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I also need to remove a few mistakes there.  I haven't figured out how do delete them.

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I also agree that we should be able to delete quiz attempts.  Where a student has had a break in the internet and the quiz is timed, I'd like to be able to delete this attempt.  It's usually obvious as at a certain question, from that point onwards there are no more questions answered.

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I'm surprised this has not been done yet and it was asked 3 years ago. This needs to be an option. I just had a student click in the wrong quiz and now I can't delete his attempt. My only option is to give him another attempt and to manaully adjust the grade.

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Canvas doesn't seem very responsive to their user's needs. I had heard otherwise, but I'm seeing evidence to the contrary. I also once used Schoology and used this option A LOT for various reasons. Please give the instructor control over their courses. Is that too much to ask???

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While I dearly LOVE just about everything about Canvas, this is the ONE issue where I feel Canvas is lacking. Teachers and administrators have been BEGGING for this feature for years! This is at the point of ridiculousness now. Quit changing unneeded features, like making the icons look prettier, and invest some elbow (wrist?) grease in fixing this critical issue!

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For what it’s worth I agree with everyone in this thread. What do we have to do to get Canvas to listen? I am embarrassed to have to tell our teachers that our brand new LMS does not offer this simple feature.

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I agree with everyone.  I have been asking for this since we started using Canvas.  I would also like to be able to print quizzes properly - not as a glorified screen shot.

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I agree that this would be a great option. Also, there is a bookmarkit

script that will allow you to print quizzes off just like they appear.


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