[New Quizzes] Don't have published-status as part of the duplication of a quiz

I often duplicate a quiz from module to module to keep the format consistent. It would help if, when duplicating a published quiz, the published status was turned off in the duplication. I usually remember to unpublish the duplicated quiz immediately, but in the times when I haven't, students have gone ahead and taken it so I have to delete it and do it again and probably confuse the students.

Also, I suspect that no one who duplicates a published quiz wants the copy published, so think of the millions of clicks you'll be saving the world from if you just make it so copies of published quizzes are automatically unpublished. 

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I second this. 

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The way to second it is to go to the top and look at the ratings right underneath the title. Give it between 1 and 5 stars for how important you think it is.

As for the original idea, it may be useful to keep the published status when copying between courses, but if you're duplicating it within the same course, then people will need to edit it before using it since it's unlikely that having "Copy" at the end of the title is what people want in published assignments.

Having duplicate quizzes unpublished is also consistent with duplicating other assignments, which get duplicated as unpublished, even if the original assignment was published.

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