[New Quizzes] Download Quiz Statistics

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas LMS


Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add this feature to the new Quizzes feature.

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In the classic quizzes, you could export all of the student answers to a CSV file.

In SurveyMonkey, you can export all student answers to a CSV file.

In Google Forms, you can export all student answers to a CSV file (you can even post it to a private URL so it can be queried in real time by a script — neat)

In Microsoft Forms, you can export all student answers to an Excel file (you can even link it to Sharepoint so it can be queried in real time by another spreadsheet — neat)

In New Quizzes, you cannot get the data out in any useful form.

I have 350 students who have answered a quiz about what program they're in, what major they're doing, etc., all for the purposes of collecting that information to get some understanding about the class. Some of this data was intended to be pushed downstream for graduation checks later in the year.

I made the mistake of writing my quiz in New Quizzes and I cannot get access to that data in any meaningful way whatsoever.

Idea: add "export answers to CSV" button.

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The first post on this topic was in January 2019.

we are still waiting for a download option for the "New" Quiz tool.
With recent work I have had to carry out on investigations into possible collusion cases I have found it very difficult an time consuming trying to identify logs, data etc

Please Instructure take this request seriously and provide us with the functionality that was previously present in the classic version.

Maybe you should change the name form classic to functional !

Thank you 

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3+ years is way too long for something that should be this trivial to produce. I'm steering everyone to use classic (functional as r_v_jones said) quizzes over new quizzes for exactly this reason. I hate to see the mess when all of canvas defaults over to new quizzes.

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Can Canvas act on this feature please. There so many reasons why this feature will be beneficial to all.

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I used one for a PD survey, so now I can't efficiently analyze the choices educators made.

Another use: Combining Data from multiple classes/teachers to analyze responses and plan intervention.


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I have just sent out the following message to our entire learning and teaching network across all of science, engineering, comp sci, and maths in our University:

New Quizzes in MyUni considered harmful (cannot export data)
I have unfortunately discovered this semester that the New Quizzes feature in MyUni can't export the data input through the quiz to a CSV file. I spent some frustrating time with Canvas support staff to investigate, and it's simply not possible.
If you currently use MyUni quizzes as a sort of SurveyMonkey/GoogleForms way for students to give you information that you post-process the results to analyse for trends etc., do not even consider using New Quizzes because the data is completely unavailable.
New Quizzes is ONLY useful if you are setting up a formative or summative assessment that is explicitly marked (whether automated via multiple choice answers or manually marked via text box inputs).
Unfortunately for me in ENG 4001, I have a whole stack of data now stuck in a New Quiz that I can't get out 😞
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Canvas does not understand how academia works or evaluates information, this program is intended apparently only to be a pass through to other educational use software's; no useful internal functionality on its own.  Every thread on this website ends in the same answer - oh, Canvas can't do that.  And apparently they have no intent to make it do data exports either.  3 years to create an export button for data that has to exists in the quiz module.  It is there, but they won't allow you to get to it in any meaningful way.

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In this day and age of data pervasiveness and program assessment requirements for accreditation, I'm stunned that I cannot download new quiz results by student and by question. I can get each student's results. Or, I can get the aggregated results for each question. However, I cannot have a two-way look of by-student and by-question results unless I manually collect this data. It is a true time sink given the questions are randomly ordered for the students, not to mention the possibility of human error in the data entry process. Please, let the faculty export an individual quiz that shows how the students performed on each question...you already have the format created for exporting overall grades. Thank you.

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I would like to chime in and say that this feature is sorely missed at the University of Illinois as well. We're migrating from Blackboard and it's a huge inconvenience when an instructor has already received New Quiz submissions from students and they discover they cannot bulk download the responses. Please prioritize.

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This need an update about when this feature will be available. It's ridiculous that we cannot get access to the data in any way other than the analysis that canvas provides. As someone else suggested at the very least make it possible to change a new quiz back to 'classic' so we can access this basic functionality. I don't care if it breaks questions that are in a new format and I have to remake them it's better than remaking every quiz again in classic to actually get access to the data and away from new quizzes. I dread the day when 'classic' is no longer supported and the headache that it will cause for IT and canvas itself when a whole lot of people realize the mess that they're now forced to use.