[New Quizzes] Download Quiz Statistics

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas LMS


Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add this feature to the new Quizzes feature.

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It is absolutely abominable that the statistics cannot be downloaded. I concur with the others who have requested the start and submission time (and completion time). These are needed for academic misconduct and also for identifying students who click through surveys without reading them. The data in the Moderate tab also needs to be downloadable. I should be able to export the log data for students instead of being required to use the web interface.

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I just wonder what the code in Canvas looks like ... I'm thinking it's a hot mess, because after 1.5 years -- the first posting in this thread is from January 2019 -- they can't even offer basic statistics in a quiz. Or maybe Wally from the Dilbert strip is in charge ... that would also explain a lot

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I wonder about this also.   When I upload a grade spreadsheet, the grades slowly populate one by one -- it could take 10 minutes for all the grades to completely update.   I am not sure if this is the Penn State implementation or something common to all of Canvas but I have never seen any software act this way.  I always get the impression that there is a room filled with Terry Pratchett's imps entering the data one item at a time manually.

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I'm full of regret having spent hours developing assessments in new quizzes only to find there's no results export option. What a waste of time...  Back to classic until this gets implemented. 

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If I had known this feature was not available, I would not have used this tool.  I need to download the statistics so that I can quickly look through responses without clicking multiple buttons for each student. Because this feature is not available, I had to print out a blank roster and fill in the answers by hand.  I will never use this quiz again until this is fixed.

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This question is highly useful. We have faculty using advanced software for grading student answers and assigning partial credit that is not available in Canvas itself. It will make Canvas inoperable for several people in my dept. if we don't have the ability to download student responses in a spreadsheet.

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I'd like to add my voice for to the call for quiz results downloads. 

I assumed this function was core to any evaluation when setting up my course quizzes.

Very disappointed.

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I too have the need to download the results from a quiz.  And at this time ov Covid19 and not being able to do a physical 'paper' test with the students.

Really need a way of downloading the students reponses in a quiz, I dont want to be forced into doing screenshots of a cohort worth of students answers.

Come on Instructure make with an answer....

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It would be very helpful to see all the students and their results within Excel to be able to manipulate the data and drive instruction.

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Just adding my voice - we really need this download data feature in New Quizzes, not just classic! 

As far as I can tell, it is really difficult to skim free response data from new quizzes that are used as surveys too.  Because I can't download the data, I have to click and scroll through individual responses to see what each person wrote.  This is so inefficient.