[New Quizzes] Feedback for individual items on matching question

Problem statement:

Student feedback for matching questions in New Quizzes does not offer the same level of detail as the feedback options in Classic Quizzes. Instructors use that detailed feedback in matching questions on quizzes, and we would like to see parity here in New Quizzes In a classic quiz, I can create a matching question with detailed feedback options. For each answer pair, I have the option to enter feedback for students if they miss that specific match. I can also offer additional feedback at the question level. In a new quiz, there are no detailed feedback options for an individual pair. I can create feedback only at the overall question level.

Proposed solution:

Add comments for individual matching pairs so that students can get comments that are specific to the individual option. The general feedback at the question level does not allow instructors to provide guidance as clearly, especially when a student gets a mixture of right and wrong matched pairs.

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Classic quizzes: feedback can be given for a question/answer pair



New Quizzes: no option  for feedback for a matching pair


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If Classic Quizzes suits your course needs, you can continue using it for now. If not, you should speak to a consultant in the IT-ATS Welcome Bar before you create your quiz to determine if New Quizzes offers a better solution. Canvas@UD has enabled the feature option so that faculty who wish to explore New Quizzes may do so. Active development continues to provide New Quizzes features prioritized by the user community. We will keep you informed about what to expect moving forward. But please remember, Classic Quizzes is moving toward a planned deprecation and will eventually be replaced.

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