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We've ran into issues with our instructors "misplacing" questions from their item banks.  Would it be possible to create an option to search through all the item banks at the same time and have the ability to locate which item bank the question exists in? 

Scenario: Instructor creates 40-50 item banks and each item bank has 60-70 questions.  The instructor has labeled the item banks and has labeled each question. Early on in the semester the instructor can easily locate questions and knows which bank to use for a given quiz. However, late into the semester (or perhaps if the course is copied to a new term) the instructor no longer remembers what questions exist in which bank. In order to find a question, the instructor has to open up each item bank and search through the bank to find the question they are looking for. 

Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming a reoccurring scenario. In Google Chrome, there is a Keyboard Shortcut that allows users to quickly find information on a given webpage (CTRL + F) for Mac users, I think it's (Command + F). This doesn't work on the "main" Question Bank page. Users still need to enter into a Question Bank before they can search through the questions using this shortcut. 


The idea would be to have a search box on the main item bank page that would allow users to quickly locate the which bank the question exists in. Though, I suppose eventually instructors would also want the ability to add the question directly into the quiz from the search instead of having to navigate back through the item banks to manually add the question. 

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Thanks for sharing this idea. We've moved it forward for broader discussion.

[Please note that "question bank" is a term that is specific to Classic (Old) Quizzes, so we've edited the terminology so that the idea applies to New Quizzes item banks in light of the fact that our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Classic Quizzes, which is scheduled for deprecation.]

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Thanks, Stefanie!  I appreciate you correcting my terminology to reflect New Quizzes. 😊

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With my CLASSIC QUIZZES I could access Question Banks provided by the publishers of the textbooks adopted for my history classes.  It was very easy to set up the quiz so that the program randomly pulled questions from those publisher-provided banks, divided by chapters. 

How come I cannot do that with NEW QUIZZES? Can CANVAS please allow instructors to randomly and automatically pull questions for New Quizzes from publisher-provided question banks? This is the single biggest drawback I can identify with your New Quiz program. 

Thank you,

Chet Cornell

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