New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to make each matching item worth points. 

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I have to agree. Grading via partial credit should not only be an option for matching questions - it should be the default. How often does anyone answer a question with 10 matches, gets 8 of them correct and then receives a 0 credit for that question? These are questions on a quiz, not wires on an explosive device - getting it mostly right is worth some credit! At least as an option.

The current grading scheme is so far outside ordinary experience that I didn't even check for it when I created my quiz. Basically, matching questions are of no value to me as they will require manual re-grading of each matching question for 100+ students' quizzes each time.

Since I am not seeing much in the way of response from the instructure folks here, can someone please tell me where I need to go to put this in as an official feature request, or where can I find the existing request to upvote it?

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Please fix this!!!  We need partial credit for large questions.

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I just made some assignments in new quizzes before I realized this was an issue and now I've had to let all the students know not to freak out about their scores because I will be going back in manually to award partial credit for those problems.

Please fix this!! It should definitely be the default to get partial credit on the matching questions (as well as categorical questions)! It works in classic quizzes so it seems like it should have been the way new quizzes was set up from the start too.

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With the number of people who are commenting on this thread about how this is such a major problem, I do not understand why Canvas has not fixed this yet!  This is a major problem!

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I echo the frustration with the lack of ability to allocate partial credit toward categorization questions within Quizzes.NEXT. Possessing the ability to choose either all or none OR partial credit would be ideal. Yes, fudge points exist; however, manually entering the partial credit is not efficient. Please expedite this issue. Can we vote? Is this in development?

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This one is really a must. I have teachers ready to throw up their hands and walk away from online assessment specifically because of this (ends up being a straw that broke the camel's back situation). I'm shocked to see that this is still only "Open for Conversation", because this seems obvious.

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This is a two year old request, and this is ridiculous that this hasn't been dealt with yet. It's extremely disappointing to be using a quiz that is lacking such an important feature. The point of having an auto-graded quiz is to give students accurate and immediate feedback, however with this issue, it doesn't save either of us time. I have to go in and manually adjust each one. Deal with this!!!!!

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I respectfully request you configure the matching questions in new quizzes to function like it does in the original version so that it will auto-grade to allow for partial credit points. We anxiously await this feature as we have been notified we will lose original quizzes in February. It is very frustrating that the newer version doesn't offer the same functionality as the original.

If the new version can't do what the original version can then please don't take away the original. Thank you.

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It's very important for us to be able to work with and along side our students as they grow and progress, a partial grade allows us to show improvement and a 'moving of the needle' in the right direction, in the direction of learning and it increases motivation.

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For me matching questions are unusable until students can earn partial credit. The biggest up side for me in giving quizzes through Canvas is not having to grade anything but written response questions. I cannot sell my colleagues or even myself on having to go in and grade sections on Canvas that are more easily graded by hand.