[New Quizzes] Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

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The  Canvas Release Notes (2022-01-15) includes partial credit options for matching questions in New Quizzes. Please refer to  New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions .

The Quizzes.Next assignment questions type "Categorization", "Matching", and "Sorting" currently don't allow for partial credit to be given.  In order to pacify my students and to give credit were credit is due I'm currently manually adjusting the scores on these questions. Very tedious!



Thus, I would appreciate if the Canvas team would add the option for partial credit to added to these three assignment question types.


if a question has 2 categories and a total of 10 points, a student that would answers one of the two categories correctly would get 5 points.
if a "Sorting" question has 5 sort items and 10 points overall, a student that sorts 3 out of the 5 items correctly would receive 6 points (3/5*10)

if a "Matching" question has 3 items and 10 points overall, a student that would get 2 out of the 3 items matched correctly would receive 6.67 points (2/3 * 10)


PS: this link brings you to the Canvas FAQ page that documents the current status of this issue:

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Build dynamic question types Theme Status: Identified

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Was shocked to discover there is no partial credit for this type of question. Basically, it means extra work re-grading the quiz I already gave and essentially eliminates this as a valid type of question. Someday maybe I will love Canvas but there are too many things that have been requested forever and still aren't available in a supposedly new & improved quiz builder.

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How is this still just an idea and not in development! It has been open for 3.5 years! Come on Canvas, this is ridiculous...

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Partial credit is necessary for categorization and ordering question types.  Please help us with this!!

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This STILL isn't even on their list of what they plan to do at Canvas before their full roll-out and forced implementation. Are you kidding? I waste at least an extra week's worth of my time each semester adjusting for this deliberate oversight on your part, Canvas. If you don't believe that it takes that much time, send someone to my courses in the fall. I will give them the task of updating all the partial credits and logging how many hours it takes so you understand what a waste of time having to do this is. Please fix this! This is beyond ridiculous that we have to beg for something that should be already a part of something you claim is superior to the previous product. 


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Agreed. This is so frustrating!

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I see I'm not the only one frustrated by the lack of partial credit grading options on categorization questions. This is such a great question type to have available for higher-order thinking questions, but the fact that it's all or nothing and I have to regrade everything manually seriously detracts from its usability.

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Categorization Questions need to receive partial credit.  In fact, any question should have partial credit as an option.

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+1 for partial credit feature. 

Hope this feature will be supported soon.

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It's 2022 and this thread started in 2018.  How is this still an issue?  Partial credit for ANY question that answers in multiple parts should be the norm.

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Our school system is new to Canvas. I am more than surprised and honestly very disappointed to find out that there is no option for partial credit with and without penalty. It is more than frustrating to realize that this is even an issue.