[New Quizzes] Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

Allow a show/hide date range for the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" quiz setting.

In order to maintain test security, instructors often want to limit students from viewing their quiz results until after the due date for the quiz has passed.  Currently, the correct answers can be set to be shown and hidden on given dates, but students will still be able to see the questions, their responses, incorrect answers, and feedback prior to this date, and if an instructor wants students only to be able to see their results but not correct answers, the only way to do this is to uncheck the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" option then manually go back and enable it once the due date (or other chosen date) has passed.

Please add a date range selector like the one that is there for Let Students See the Correct Answers: 

Screenshot of the quiz settings with date range selector for the Let Students See Their Quiz Results option


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You may want to see my concept on the 2nd page of comments in that link that Allie just mentioned.
(Gauge had this feature, but it was folded back in New Quizzes around spring or summer of this year.)

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@Kelvin_Dean the link to your blog post isn't working! But thanks for posting those images in your comment here. Is it really just as easy as Canvas turning on the "Deploy" tab? Why isn't that already turned on?

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Firstly, please allow an apology for any anger or frustration that comes out in this post/suggestion, as I shouldn't have to even be here suggesting something so obvious.

In short, Classic quizzes worked as follows:

  • During the quiz availability period, I can restrict what students see, such as their answers and whether or not the answers were correct.
  • And I could do this regardless of the number of attempts allowed.
  • The value is, even if only one attempt is allowed, students were not able to confirm correctness until after the quiz period ended, thus limiting the ability to cheat with classmates by giving the correct answers from their already graded quiz.
  • Finally, after the quiz availability period ended, Canvas would then allow students an unrestricted view of their quiz.

So, you now have new quizzes. I'm *really* trying here to use the new thing, especially considering that classic quizzes is legacy and will no longer be supported in a matter of time.

Unfortunately, the developers have taken massive steps backwards with new quizzes in their *lack* of implementing the above functionality. As the instructor, I'm basically forced to either restrict the quiz or unrestrict, with nothing based on the quiz availability. CLEARLY, it's common to restrict answers and correctness during the quiz availability window for the obvious reasons of limiting cheating and further if multiple attempts are allowed. But with the current setup, there's no automated way to unrestrict the quiz after the quiz availability window ends, which means faculty are forced to remember and then reenter each quiz, after the due date has passed, only to then uncheck the "restrict" option.  And this makes ZERO sense. How could the developers forget something so simple when making an upgrade to quizzes???

Hopefully this is clear. In short, allowing an option to unrestrict previously restricted content, after the quiz availability window has passed, is a no brainer and should have never been removed.

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@jcazalas I agree. The more I've dabbled in New Quizzes the less I think my faculty will be excited to adopt it, even if there are some neat question types in New Quizzes and other settings features. 

I'm not sure where the roadmap for feature parity is between Classic and New quizzes, but at the very least you'd think they could build something that has the same features as the old tool, it just changes interface and adds some new capabilities. 

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Yes this would be extremely beneficial,  please please implement this!

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We're in favor of this, too!  It's a critical component for formative assessments.

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In Old Quizzes, I used to have my students work on Test Corrections after all of my students had already taken/made up the test.  Students could not see the correct answers upon completing the test, only when I scheduled them to be available during class.  See below:


There is no way to do this in New Quizzes, with is very unfortunate.  Students learn so much from correcting their own mistakes.  I'm not sure why Canvas would remove this option, but I am hoping you can make this available again ASAP!  Thank you for your consideration.

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I have lots of small quizzes in my modules.  I do not want to show answers until after the due date but would like students to be able to see them at this time.  Setting a show answers date would solve this problem.

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I really need this feature. I use quizzes for activities as well as assessments. If I cannot choose when the students see the correct answers, it loses its value. I don't think features should be removed when rolling out the new quizzes.