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While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way I build content in the RCE. It would be great if once the sidebar appears after you have chosen to insert a link or image that you could pin it open so if you are wanting to add multiple images or links then you can, instead of having to repeat the process every time. I'm finding this to be slowing down the content creation experience not enhancing it.

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I love the multiple file upload idea! 

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My campus just installed the new version and it is a killer. I have different datasets for different students. What use to take about 3 minutes to add links now takes 20 minutes.  The new interface is unacceptable.

It would be nice if we could toggle between the old and new interface. The best would be to have the ability to select multiple file links at once so that you can batch a group to add.

My workaround is to use the web editor and write code to import the files as the file numbers run sequentially. Not sure that many of the professors in here write code.

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At what point does this get adopted since it looks as if this has been an open vote for 7 months now.  I have the ability to upload multiple files with my other college's canvas but not with MSJCs.  This is extremely time consuming and rather irritating... one file/link/picture at a time thing.

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Hi stefaniesanders and all, Canvas now recognizes images when you choose All as the location.  This gives you access to your entire folder structure, course and user files, and inserts an embedded image, not just a link.  They fixed it! 

It does require clicking All from the dropdown list before the folders appear, I think that adds one extra click, not too bad.  I am happy to be able to use the folder structure to find my images this way.

We still might like to have pinning available, but if your folders are well organized it makes it easier to find images in the new RCE.

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 @peytoncraighill ‌ posted a blog on July 24 about planned improvements for the new RCE, and it's well worth a read. RCE Updates - Summer 2020.

They are paying attention to Ideas, and your Idea  @tina_busch ‌ is included in priority #3 under "The new editor is too clicky".  Take a look and see what you think.  All these improvements sound great. 

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I agree 100%.  Please bring back the Sidebar!

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Completely agree as well.  Please let us at least "pin" the sidebar or at least select multiple items at the same time.  This is really slowing things down in terms of new course development.

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Great idea, would just like to add another comment in favor of it.

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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-11-18).

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I've added a new psuedo-related idea that may interest you:

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