New Types of Questions are needed for Nursing Programs in CA

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To Whom It May Concern,

RN students take their tests throughout the program via Canvas to get ready for their CA BRN NCLEX Licensure examination upon graduation. NCLEX is being updated, and the students that are currently enrolled in Nursing Programs in CA are going to take a new version of the test, Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). NGN has new types of questions. Some of them we are able to include in exams by adjusting available types of questions on Canvas. However, there are two types of questions that we are not able to have on our exams, which will negatively affect students' prep for getting their RN licenses.

Missing types of questions are: Matrix Multiple Response and Bow-Tie.

It would be great if Canvas team could work on building in these options! We need to graduate nurses who could pass their NCLEX exams, get their licenses, and begin taking care of the patients.

If more info is needed on specifics of the question types, please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Gabi Aliyev DNP, MSN Ed, RNC

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For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes 2022-05-21 and Rich Content Editor (RCE). in Fill-in-the-Blank Quizzes blog by @MPioRoda

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Hi everyone,

I've been following this thread and wanted to let you all know that Elsevier just launched 'Elsevier's Assessment Builder,' which fully supports all the new NGN items types for standalone and unfolding case studies and has an integration with Canvas. For more information see:


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I am excited to see this announcement and am looking forward to trying some of these out. 

I had posted about this need as well and pointed out some of the needs as well on this conversation on the New Quizzes Group: NextGen Question Types - Instructure Community (


I am excited to see New Quizzes getting updates and working towards including question types that will work for this use case but can also be used to create better assessments as a whole! 

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@Cindy_Masek - you're right, it is problematic for students to have to navigate a huge amount of text. Ordinarily, (something you can do in Classic Quizzes but cannot in New Quizzes is edit the HTML in the RCE when building the question stem,

You can achieve this in Classic Quizzez using the "enhanceable_content  tabs" classes in the HTML editor.

In the RCE, go to the HTML mode and use the following:

<div class="enhanceable_content tabs">
        <li><strong><a href="#fragment-1">Nurses' Notes</a></strong></li>
        <li><strong><a href="#fragment-2">History and Physical</a></strong></li>
        <li><strong><a href="#fragment-3">Vital Signs</a></strong></li>
        <li><strong><a href="#fragment-4">Laboratory Results</a></strong></li>
    <div id="fragment-1">
        <p><strong>1100:</strong>&nbsp;Client has piloerection on the arms and legs and diaphoresis on the forehead. Client is wearing new, low-top athletic shoes purchased by the client&rsquo;s parents instead of prescribed foot splints. During abdominal palpation, a semi-firm mass is noted in the left lower quadrant (LLQ). Bladder is nonpalpable.</p>
        <p><strong>1115:</strong>&nbsp;Intermittent urethral catheterization was performed, and 400 mL of clear yellow urine was obtained. Client has facial flushing and foul-smelling liquid stool leaking from the anus. Semi-firm mass is still present in the LLQ of the abdomen.</p>
        <p><strong>1130:</strong> Client reports a headache rated 10/10 on the Numerical Rating Scale and blurred vision.</p>


Of course, unfortunately, the ability to go into the HTML mode does not appear to be available for New Quizzes.

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