[Notifications] Ability to brand Canvas notifications

Notifications sent via Canvas are currently not able to be branded.  This means that the emails sent to parents and students currently include the Canvas name and logo. This can cause some confusion with the community as it has no direct tie to the school or organisation and has no consistency with the site or school branding.


Having the ability to apply custom branding to email notifications at the account and sub-account level would solve this issue.  I propose that we have the following options via the theme editor to customise the following areas of notifications.


  • Add the name of the organisation and the email address the notification is sent from
  • Ability to add the organisations' logo
  • Ability to edit the layout and colour scheme
Community Contributor

We have a subaccount for our non-credit/continuing Ed courses and it would be SUPER helpful to have notification branding at the subaccount level for them!

Community Novice

Branding notifications would be great. Our university has just started using Canvas and only this morning I've had a couple of academic staff ready to report their latest Canvas notification as spam! The notifications are marked as coming from instructure.com and that company name means nothing to them.

Community Contributor

Has there been any movement on this request? 

Community Member

As implemented, notifications come from the instructure.com domain. Students, family and even faculty don't particularly recognize this name; why would they? Maybe the good news (?) is that some in those groups are gullible enough to click or reply even though the email looks a whole lot like spear fishing. 

Community Explorer

I'd really appreciate this feature. Our students are globally dispersed and the participation invitation notice will be the first official notice they receive from us - not being able to brand the emails or add explanatory text leaves us less-than-confident that students will see and open the invitation emails, and means we will have to monitor student log-ins and develop a reminder process. 

Community Novice

My announcements and emails are ignored because there is a canvas logo and not branding from our university. I would be happy with side by side logos (canvas and university logo) if canvas doesn't want to give up that branding space.

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Same thoughts as shared above around branding, improving the look and feel and overall user experience and consistency. We would love to add our brand or at the very least not have the canvas logo show up. Maybe a halfway step is to toggle it off?

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This would be a huge win for us as well. Our new Learners aren't expecting an email from Canvas and the support load around getting them setup will be higher than it needs to be. It seems like a small amount of dev for a much improved Customer Experience. I am presuming this is not going anywhere though based on how long this has been sitting here?

Community Explorer

This really is essential. We are a commercial training company and it is very confusing for learners to receive a completely unbranded notification email, which can often go to a spam filter. 

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Community Team
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