Override Late Policy in Speedgrader

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16).

Currently, teachers must go to the Gradebook to override an automatic deduction due to a student submission being late.  It would be more convenient if a teacher could override the late deduction while grading in Speedgrader. late policy‌ newgradebook‌


Current Speedgrader View (No option to edit/override):



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I wish there was a way within speedgrader to change an assignment status from late to none.  I often give students feedback and request a resubmission.  The resubmitted work is not late.  While I can change the status from quick view I cannot change from speedgrader.  This creates a hassle when grading work from multiple students in speedgrader.  I need to scan grades, notice "late" resubmissions, change it on quickview, and do this for each resubmission before using speedgrader.

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Yes please to this.  Let us change the status of an assignment within the assignment itself like in this example.

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I allow my students to make corrections and re-submit assignments. This often means that the second submission is marked "LATE" and gets the 20% penalty I apply to actual late work. To remove the penalty, and the mark of LATE, I have to have a second tab open with Grades, find the kid and the assignment, and click "None" rather than Late. It would be really nice to do that within the speed grader and just click something like "Late Penalty Not Applied" or "Marked Not Late." 

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Another upvote for this feature!

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Would LOVE to be able to adjust late points in SpeedGrader without having to go back to grades panel, search the assignment and kid and adjust.  I have several kids with extended time accommodations, or ones that need extra help and I re-assigned the project.... and being able to adjust right here would be incredibly helpful!

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As more and more schools are requiring us to accept late work this can mean over 100 assignments in a weekend. Worse, at the end of the terms, it can be 100S of assignments in a weekend. This feature would be valuable.  Additionally, not just late  assignments but also the ability to remove the "missing" option would be helpful. 

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Frustrated that the large number of requests for such an improvement isn't enough.  Instead I need to (but don't have time to so I won't) figure out how to vote.  Wish the Canvas team would take suggestions the way Google does!  In Google I can submit a request, along with a screenshot, right from the area in need.  They collect and sort recommendations without this crazy system of joining a community to discuss it.  It's fine to have a community discussion but it shouldn't be the only way to give feedback. 

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I guess this isn't a new idea, but it would be great if we could adjust a late penalty at Speedgrader or maybe have an adjustment where the teacher can set a secondary date for resubmissions that aren't given a late penalty. With all the illness and excused late work, and with the multiple chances allowed with PBL, the multiple steps that this takes now  (if I understand it) seems kind of arduous.  Please let me know if there is already an adjustment that can be made.

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I vote for this as well! This would be a game changer!

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Yes.  Please change @latepolicyinSpeedgrader.  It really interrupts the flow of grading student work if you need to adjust late points.  Changing the status of an assignment should be available from either location from the grade book or while in Speedgrader to keep accurate records.