[Peer Review] Add due date for completing peer review


The due date of the assignment reminds students to complete the assignment in time. When peer reviews are enabled students don't have an indication or reminder to complete the peer reviews before a certain date and time. When a teacher wants to access the given reviews, it would be necessary that the reviews have been added by students before the scheduled date and time.


Suggested solution

Add a reviews due box with which a date and time can be entered:


Also have this due date reflected in the To Do Lists and trigger notifications based on the user notification settings.


The guides How do I know if I have a peer review discussion to complete? and How do I know if I have a peer review assignment to complete? currently contain the text: Note: Currently the Due Date in the To Do List does not accurately display the due date for completing your peer review. If details about your peer review are not already included in the details of your assignment, please contact your instructor.

This would removes the confusion about the date in the To Do list and the notes in these guides could then be removed.



Note: please also vote for https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/8148-respecting-sections-when-automatically-assigning-peer-rev... 

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Community Explorer

Implementing this seems completely trivial to me since it would rely only on already existing functionality. I'm having a hard time seeing why this is still in the discussion stage after three years.

Community Explorer

I don't understand why this has happened yet?  This should be a really easy thing to add to the system? NO?!?!?!  It would also be great if a feature was developed so that you could assign points for the peer review portion of the assignment.

Community Participant

I agree, this feature is LONG overdue! And please also enable the restrict to section feature too! Thank you Canvas developers! I LOVE Canvas!

Community Novice

I'd love Canvas more if they would make this happen. It seems like such a no-brainer. In fact, I assumed it must be possible or I wouldn't have experimented with peer review this term. It's been something of a disaster. Please, Canvas, are you listening? (Afraid I know the answer, since people have been posting about this for 2-3 years.)

Community Explorer

This feature is a definite need. Can this be brought into the voting? 

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I agree completely with the above suggestions posted by @stelpstra  at the top of this conversation and hope the Canvas development team can improve the peer review feature accordingly.

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As an instructor, I would like to have a feature that allows me to put Start and Due date/time of an assignment peer review. The time should also be showing both course time and my local time. Currently, you have only one "Review Assign" time, which is confusing - what's that? 

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We need this!

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I would really like to see this function implemented.  Seriously.  We are all waiting for a well-designed fix!

Community Explorer

Right now it's very hard to follow up which peer-reviews have been completed and which ones are missing. Peer-reviews should be treated like an "assignment" (even if it does not count for the grade) so they can be effectively monitored.