[Peer Review] Add due date for completing peer review


The due date of the assignment reminds students to complete the assignment in time. When peer reviews are enabled students don't have an indication or reminder to complete the peer reviews before a certain date and time. When a teacher wants to access the given reviews, it would be necessary that the reviews have been added by students before the scheduled date and time.


Suggested solution

Add a reviews due box with which a date and time can be entered:


Also have this due date reflected in the To Do Lists and trigger notifications based on the user notification settings.


The guides How do I know if I have a peer review discussion to complete? and How do I know if I have a peer review assignment to complete? currently contain the text: Note: Currently the Due Date in the To Do List does not accurately display the due date for completing your peer review. If details about your peer review are not already included in the details of your assignment, please contact your instructor.

This would removes the confusion about the date in the To Do list and the notes in these guides could then be removed.



Note: please also vote for https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/8148-respecting-sections-when-automatically-assigning-peer-rev... 

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Sigh.  We just adopted Canvas and I am dismayed to discover that this peer-review due date issue has been "open for conversation" for years (since 2016 on another thread).  Not sure how I vote for this, or even if it matters?

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Hi, @switherup , welcome to Canvas—and yes: it matters! Members can rate a conversation (that's the star modal up top), and we greatly value user comments that elaborate on how development of a particular request might enhance student learning, so please comment liberally; we read all of them.

For more information, we hope you'll read through How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community? and touch base with your new Customer Success Manager (CSM) to discuss the need for this feature.

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I also think this is essential and needs to be added to Canvas ASAP.  The lack of it not only is a disservice to students; it also makes the workflow for Teachers and TAs much more unwieldy  than necessary. 

As was mentioned in a previous comment, I've developed a work around by having a separate Peer Review assignment, but it is much less than ideal.

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The ability to select a due date for the completion of the peer review is beneficial.

Another workaround I recently tried is by using a Canvas page titled: "Peer Review Due," and adding this page to the "To Do List." 

With that said, it would be easier for faculty if there was a way to add the peer review due date when setting up the peer review assignment. 

Note: It would be great if Canvas could provide updates on the ideas that are older than two years. ✔️


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This is really needed and seems so obvious.

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Not sure how to "vote" for this one but this would be a wonderful update to the peer review process. I have started making extensive use of peer reviews and basically have to manually process everything after the initial due date to facilitate peer review.

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Why has this not been done? Is it going to be fixed?

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100% agree with this idea suggestion

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This peer review due date that is separate from the initial assignment submission date is desperately needed. We need this more than we needed the icon maker in RCE.

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Ridiculous that we are still waiting for this to be done and that we have to vote for it!

I was unaware of it until now and will not be using Canvas to run a peer review again. First time trying this type of assessment is the last time trying it.