[Peer Review} Have two due dates for peer review assignments

For assignments that are setup for peer review, it would be useful to have two different due dates:
  • One for the students initial submission that will be reviewed by their peers
  • A second one for completing assigned peer reviews


In the current implementation, there is only one due date, which appears to be the due date for a students initial submission.  I infer this from the fact that it is the default date for assigning peer reviews to students.  From what my students have told them, once peer reviews are assigned they show up on their to-do list, but are already late since the due date is the only date for the assignment.


I think a clearer implementation would be to have an additional due date for the peer reviews, so that they don't appear to be late as soon as they are assigned.

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I just found out there is a bug in the automatic peer review date. It is described by Kulgar (Regis Millet) · GitHub  here: [Bug] Automatically assign peer review & time change · Issue #488 · instructure/canvas-lms · GitHub

This is a problem if you create an assignment with automatic assignment of peer reviewers, and you decide to change the time/date for the automatic assignment.

Skjermbilde 2016-12-19 kl. 12.57.09.png

What we do is that we manually assign the peer reviewers inside each student group, say on Dec 21, and then we use the automatic peer review assignment date (in the picture above) to indicate when the peer review must be done.

We have a course with 300 students divided in groups of 10 students. We've experience twice that the assignment has been done automatic across the student groups, one week to early. Probably, our instructors have created the assignment in two steps. First they have only specified the due date and that they want automatic assignment of peer reviews. Canvas has then created a scheduled job for the peer review assignment, equal to the due date. Secondly, they have edited the assignment and specified an automatic peer review assignment date one week after the due date.

I have reported this to Canvas as case number 01730998.

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Apparently I already saw that item a year ago and commented on it, but forgot all about it.

Because I created two new ideas which belong in this thread:



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This just came up with one of my instructors too. Is anything being worked on with this still?

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Please fix this issue.  I set a deadline for student assignments that is also the time when Canvas is supposed to automatically assign peers.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I have to do it manually.  I always give the student a two-day grace period to complete peer reviews.  But another problem is that the student dashboard shows the due date for the peer as identical to the original assignment.   I believe that we need to populate the database with the maximum submittals before assigning peer reviews, and then the clock starts for the two-day period for completion.  

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This is just one more feature that lacks any attention to professor needs--why not allow students to select (have a button for professors to click that allows for more than one due date AND for student selection of their due dates (for classes that have many different due dates for students during the semester)). Poor design and engineering.

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First, I cannot believe that these issues have persisted since before 2015...

1. The most critical needs for the PR system is for it to be more like PeerMark and GradeMark on Turnitin--there should be an option to assign points and grade and comment on PR.

2. Professors should be able to set up assignment so students choose who they will PR from their own groups.

3. PR should be able to be "personalized" with links and common errors.

This is my first year using Canvas, and I am completely underwhelmed.

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Agree with Seth. It is amazing that Canvas hasn't addressed this (nor anticipated such an obvious flaw). I'm in the midst of a canvass peer review assignment for my students and just now realized I can't create a due date for the reviews. Next time I'll use turnitin or something similar. 

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Just curious about this feature request. I know the original request was broken up into parts - any chance we can get an update on where those parts are in the development process? 


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Greetings,  @caryn  

This idea remains on the radar but has not moved forward for any prioritization at this time.  Do follow the idea so that you receive updates as they are available.



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Hi  @Renee_Carney ‌,

Thanks for the quick response! This has definitely been an area of concern for a number of instructors. It causes confusion for pretty much everyone (instructors, students, TAs). Some of our instructors actually create a second "no submission" assignment to handle the peer review. As you can imagine, that's a point of frustration (imagine the challenge with adding scores from the peer review in one assignment to a completely different assignment). 

I'll definitely follow the idea. If the Instructure team needs any more info, please don't hesitate to let us know! 

Thanks again!