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As an instructor, I want a print button on the People tab that will generate a PDF or other printable document containing student names and photos in grid format. It'd be nice if the list could be sorted by groups, too.


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Originally posted by: Steve Hallman
Thank you especially for contributions by: Glen Parker, Miles Mancini, Richard Meyer

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 @jazemlya ​ did you see this note from awilliams​?

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Right now this was developed with just IU in mind so it is not setup to be multi-tenant.  However, i know at least one institution has expressed interest in this so it may be possible in the future.  I will let you know if our LMS team ends up going that route as there has been discussion of making some of our tools available to other institutions.

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We would like to see the Last Activity and/or Total Activity .csv also be part of any web services that talk to the Grade Book. This is needed to pass the data to our student information system.

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You'll have my vote next week - this is a request we get at EWU all the time!

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We had so many requests like this, that our institution wrote a custom tool to extract images from our online directory system to create PDFs for faculty.

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"Printable" is great, but I'd like to see more layouts: flashcards for learning names, a checklist for marking off attendance...

It should also be filter-able by section.

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This is a common request by our faculty. We had professional services create a customized solution for us, but it is very buggy and this should really be something that Canvas supports as a standard feature.

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I though about writing my own tool, as right now I don't have a nice and easy, download and click, way to print out a roster.  I can either download an Excel file from our institution's system, or I can download the gradebook in Canvas.  Both I need to tweak to print.  At our institution, students who withdraw disappear from Canvas, but it seems there is a slight delay before the Canvas roster matches with the  institution's system so there are plusses and minuses to which roster I use.  I would really appreciate a download, even if the roster isn't exactly the latest version, that I didn't have to format each time I want to print, i.e., delete these columns, changes these titles, hmm, maybe I want last names first, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

 @sharris ​ mentioned the option of exporting Gradebook to use as a roster. Is this a viable option?

It's worth noting that the Gradebook export does not include student photos, and we may face technical constraints in including photos in formats other than PDF (like CSV).

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Another thought. You could just use the wonderful Canvas app to access your class roster (w/ profile pictures). No need to print anything (save a tree !) + it's always with you.