[Permissions] Blocked teacher access to New Quizzes from Modules page if the blueprint edit option is ticked.

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Problem statement:

I have recently noticed that if the edit (new) quizzes option is disabled/locked for teachers, they are not able to access the new quiz from the modules page, it blocks them saying they have no access to the resource, however, they can still access it from the quizzes menu. I have reached out to support and they mentioned "Users must have permission to edit to launch a New Quizzes quiz from Modules. In your case, the locked status of the quizzes within the Blueprint is preventing the access from within Modules, but teachers should still be able to access them directly from Quizzes." This answers my question as to why they can't access them, but I am unsure what purpose this plays. We must keep our quizzes uneditable for compliance reasons so this is just a barrier for teachers to access (it seems to confuse them a bit as well as they think they are blocked from the quiz). I absolutely may be missing something as to why this route to new quizzes is blocked, but I thought I would raise it anyway.

Proposed solution:

Is it possible to have this removed? So the trainers can access the new quizzes from the modules page, it seems like an unnecessary barrier to accessing the new quizzes - especially as they can still access it from the quizzes menu.

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