[Permissions] Separate Cross-Listing from Course Sections - edit under Manage Course Selections Permission in Course Roles

Problem statement:

Currently, cross-listing of sections is grouped with renaming course sections and changing start and end dates of sections in the sub-permission of Course Sections - edit within the "Manage Course Sections" permission in Course Roles. Cross-listing can be problematic if a user has not been trained to do this causing issues with courses. An inexperienced/untrained user could easily cross-list a section into the incorrect course and this can be difficult to fix.

Proposed solution:

I would like to see cross-listing separated out from Course Sections - edit. Cross-listing is not actually "editing" a section. Cross-listing needs to be it's own sub-permission under "Manage Course Sections" in Course Roles.

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Thanks for submitting your feature idea. This seems like it fits well into the "Provide More Granularity for Permissions Configuration" theme, so I've associated it under that.