Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
The Quiz Build page provides quiz printing options. For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21).

As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe established for the quiz for all other students, etc.


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Originally posted by: Pacific Union College admins

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Community Team Note: This idea remains open for voting. A virtually identical idea was moved forward for consideration in March:  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.

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This would be helpful for quizzes with restricted access (limited access to view during specific dates/times), but still allow the instructor to print the students quiz results to distribute during class for review, then pick up after class to keep the integrity of the quiz. 

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I think this is an excellent idea because I could use this for my Homebound students. I understand that students would need a visual test to look at and not feel as rushed. Homebound students would feel like they were part of the class, in my opinion, because they had an actual PDF copy of a test instead of doing EVERYTHING online.

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I'm so glad to see people are already voting on this.  I just met with my technology integrator to discuss this option and she was recommending I vote this up.  I work with several students who have paper/pencil accommodations and the option to print is a necessity.  Let's vote this up like crazy.

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I just can't describe how useful and amazing this would be to have on Canvas! I co-teach inclusion classes with an Intervention Specialist, and some of our students need to take tests/quizzes on paper instead of Canvas. They then go back in to Canvas and enter their answers. A clean looking, easy-to-print version of quizzes would be clutch!

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This missing function would improve the Canvas interoperability score because its content would become truly portable.

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It's interesting how this idea has been up for almost four years now with a lot of votes and comments and it has gone no where. This is not only extremely helpful for instructors but it really is an accessibility issue. There may be students who need a paper copy of the test and when you built it in Canvas you do not have that paper copy. I would think Canvas would jump right on this with how much they say they care about accessibility. Please look in to making this happen. 

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I really want to print student response to quizzes, my comments and the rubric attached so that I can moderate more effectively. 

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I completely agree with Gina. Thank you

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We NEED THIS. Trust me (us) on this one. It would be a gamechanger. 

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I have a new reason for needing this feature: My school has spent the past couple of days working with Instructure because there's some glitch in our system. We have grades disappearing (eventually reappearing), students being temporarily removed from rosters, courses temporarily disappearing, and students' with courses showing up as concluded and opening up all of the modules. My entire unit is self-paced on Canvas, so it would be nice to be able to print backups for when Canvas itself fails me.