[Rubrics] Allow Importing of Rubrics from csv Format

Similar to a previously archived idea here: (Create rubrics offline and then upload.), it would be very, very helpful to be able to create a rubric offline and then import it into either the course or to a specific assignment.


The interface to create a rubric requires extensive clicking and is very time-consuming, especially if I am working off a rubric provided by publisher (it contains maybe 30 different criteria).


If we could create it in say Excel, export it into .csv format, and then import it into either the course or a specific assignment, it would be much faster. In Excel, we have a complete grid available so we can enter points and titles very quickly.

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This is needed! Especially when you have over 10 different rubrics in a course! :smileycry:

Thank you Christopher!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Excellent idea, especially for institutions that have designed their own outcomes and are struggling with how to analyze outcome achievement using data from the LMS. If there could be a standard for importing rubrics then we could use that to bridge the outcomes in our other system and student performance in Canvas. I'm looking forward to importing outcomes too.

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 @jmunoz1 ​  With respect to copying rubrics from one course to another, that is already possible with the "Import Content into This Course" option:


When importing, select the option for "Select specific content", then you can select the Rubrics, only the ones you want or all of them:


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Thank you Garth! Smiley Happy

We have worked with this. But with a .csv file, we could save the time it takes in building them in Canvas. 

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Instructure Alumni

I just heard from someone on Twitter who was frustrated because they had accidentally brushed their track pad which registered a browser previous page action and caused them to lose a ton of work on a rubric. Seems like this solution would help prevent that as well.

It's interesting there are 10 down votes on this one but I don't seem to see any comments. I wonder if anyone who voted down would mind sharing why they would be against an option to import rubrics from a .csv file?

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Creating rubrics within Canvas is one of the most frustrating things I have to do! Any method at all of improving rubric creation would be appreciated.

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awilliams​​ The original idea stated was to be able to create rubrics in Excel and upload them.

I would like to see a proposed Excel template.

As frustrating as people find it to create a rubric using UI tools, how much easier is it going to be for those people to manually create a rubric that adheres to the formatting rules required by Canvas?

How many people trying to manually create a rubric from scratch in Excel are going to encounter errors and become even more frustrated?

I'm not arguing against this idea by any means, but as a programmer, and having worked with non-technical users, I have my concerns about allowing people to whip up a document that absolutely must adhere to strict rules.  Will Excel really make things easier?

I am definitely interested to see where this goes, there is a solution for everything Smiley Happy

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Hi  @garth 

You are spot-on! Our previous LMS had a feature whereby test items could be created in Word, following very rigorous formatting rules, then uploaded into the LMS to create test question items. Many of our less technical faculty struggled with this, and the time spent troubleshooting their formatting by both the faculty and eLearning was often great than if they had just used the UI to create the items. I must even admit that too often my own uploads failed, but being a more technical user I could typically find the problem rather quickly.

I think a template would/should be absolutely necessary.