[Rubrics] Editing Capabilities for Rubrics

I would like to see some additional options for Rubrics.  Specifically, it would be nice to be able to:


  • Insert a new rubric row anywhere within an existing rubric.
  • Drag and drop an existing rubric row to another location in the same rubric.


Use case: I was building a rubric with 40+ rows for an instructor.  After about the 40th row of the rubric, I realized I had forgotten to add a criterion around row 20.  So, I had to delete rows 21 and beyond...insert the row I missed, and then re-add the rows I had initially added.  I soon learned you have to be really careful when building rubrics with lots of rows.

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Improved rubric creation and usability Theme Status: In Development

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Hmm, it's nearly four years later, and I still don't see any way to add a row or reorder rows in a rubric.  Am I crazy, or did this promised feature evaporate?

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 @rodger-ling ...

Try these "Canvancements" (Canvas Enhancements) developed by  @James ‌ while we wait for something to be developed by Instructure:

Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet 


Hope this helps!

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This is not a "nice to have" but a "must have" for my district as all summative grades require a rubric if there is any subjective grading.   As it is, I can choose to use Turn It In or have a rubric.  In addition, the student must be able to see the rubric in all views, not just some arcane, seldom used view.

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 @Hildi_Pardo  to me it looks like this idea is still open for voting. Thus, I think it need not be resubmitted just yet!

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I am still hoping this option could be allowed by Canvas.

At this time I am still using the trick of adding a rubric:

  1. cut the LTI link and change the submission to "paper"
  2. save the assignment
  3. add the rubric
  4. go back to the editing and select LTI re-entering the link
  5. tah-dah! you got a rubric linked to an LTI assessment!

It works, but it requires some work!

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If you are adding MasteryConnect to be such a huge part of Canvas, but we need Canvas for grading and grade pass-back to our SIS, this feature seems like a requirement. If we cannot add a rubric to a MasteryConnect assessment (via Canvas assignment), then it is not possible to link our content to our gradebook, and we will have teachers needing to input their standards grading info in at least three places by hand. 

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I am continually shocked at the LACK of basic tools for teachers.. in Canvas...  like the ability to EDIT, ADD, CHANGE rubrics...  really..  and then to have a statement like

"This idea was considered when developing our product plan for Q2 2019 and is not expected to influence development within Canvas at this time." 

What does that mean??    How about helping us..that are IN the LMS ALL the time with the tools we need!   

Wow... as a recent Blackboard (forced) conversion... I am continually shocked at how Canvas was NEVER designed with faculty in mind... 

Fix the RUBRICS...

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Well over 500 votes seems like a lot but apparently is not in the top 10% of ideas.  After moving to Canvas from Blackboard, I agree that rubrics are one area where Canvas seems to be weak.  

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I am trying to do this with a Hypothesis assignment, and it just isn't working. Yes, I tried creating the Assignment first, then adding the Rubric, then editing the Assignment to use the external tool, but the Rubric still disappears.

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This really would be helpful as I use Canvas rubrics a ton and I also use the External Tool "Google Cloud Assignment"