[Rubrics] Editing Capabilities for Rubrics

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For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2024-07-20) 

I would like to see some additional options for Rubrics.  Specifically, it would be nice to be able to:


  • Insert a new rubric row anywhere within an existing rubric.
  • Drag and drop an existing rubric row to another location in the same rubric.


Use case: I was building a rubric with 40+ rows for an instructor.  After about the 40th row of the rubric, I realized I had forgotten to add a criterion around row 20.  So, I had to delete rows 21 and beyond...insert the row I missed, and then re-add the rows I had initially added.  I soon learned you have to be really careful when building rubrics with lots of rows.

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I completely agree.  Canvas, what needs to happen to finally get this addressed?  Your system of votes does not seem to be very effective.  This seems like it really should be an easy fix, yet creates quite an issue.

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Looks like people have been asking for this for a long time.

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Status changed to: Open
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I would echo much of the sentiment already presented here. This is an issue that would alleviate a lot of confusion/anxiety if it were fixed.

It is not specific to turnitin but rather all external tools remove the option to add, see, or edit an existing rubric. 

Can we please elevate this to the level of necessary software development fix?

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Is there any progress on this issue? Using Google Docs / Slides as an External Tool allows my kids to easily hand in their written work with less confusion and fewer errors. The workaround gives me access to the rubric but not the kids? Has that changed? Any new workarounds? 

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Checking in to see if there's been any movement on this request. I would LOVE to use a Canvas rubric with the Google Drive Cloud Assignment or any of the other external tools that trigger speed grader. 

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yes yes yes!!!  (I'm not sure how to Kudo this, but I wanted to support it!!)

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The inability to add a rubric at the first stages of the assignment building continues to be an issue. I addition, the inability to add rubrics to quizzes makes the use of rubrics very limited. For those teachers wanting SGB features, hopefully this will become a renewed priority. 

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This is a very necessary upgrade. Without more flexible options for editing rubrics, they are essentially just headaches instructors are forced to deal with. Seems like this should be an easy change to make.

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People have been asking for this for five years. 

We all make mistakes. We need to correct them!