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Teachers need a toggle to hide rubrics till the teacher release it, a date, or when all students have submitted. I want to be to make an assignment where students complete it one day, and then the next day they are automatically assigned peer reviews and grade each other using the rubric.  Showing the rubric before hand is stupid and is odd that there is no option.  I do not want to have to go in every day and add a rubric.  I want to set it for each unit and just have to come in and check stats and add comments to responses.  

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Hello,  @matthew_heering  Welcome to the Canvas Community! The purpose of a rubric is to provide students with clear guidelines for completing their assignments, and here's one example of the research around that—so displaying the rubric to students ahead of time is intentional and by design.

That said, we have opened this idea for voting, and encourage you to support an idea that is more closely aligned with the peer review use case you've described: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/16149-rubrics  You might also want to vote up https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/1988-add-multiple-rubrics-to-one-assignment .


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I'd appreciate this option as well.  For example: If I can have students peer review one another's comprehension quizzes this both 1) frees me up to do more in-depth comments on other elements of the course and 2) reinforces the material by having them "teach" it themselves.



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@Stef_retired ,

While it is good for students to have access to rubrics, I usually provide those beforehand with the instructions for the assignment. In previous LMS, such as blackboard, I used the rubric feature to grade. I broke down the rubric I gave students elsewhere and for each section in the online speedgrader rubric attached to the assignment, I added the answers and then used the scoring feature to grade via the in-site rubric. I want to use the rubric in Canvas the same way. However, because Canvas refuses to allow us to hide the rubric, that means students can see the answers. The rubric feature is pointless if I cannot use it assist with grading by entering the answers in each section to more quickly and efficiently enter points they earned. Unless I want to last-minute create a rubric with the answers, I now have to spend more time and effort looking back and forth from answers that I have elsewhere to the student's assignment instead of being able to see everything in the same screen. Again, I have never in my life met a teacher that did not provide a rubric or instructions with an assignment. Students do not NEED to see the rubric in Canvas that we're using to grade with because we can and often do provide it elsewhere, and a lot of people use it list answers to assignments to more efficiently and quickly grade in speedgrader. Please add an option to hide the rubric from students. I can't even have the luxury of adding a rubric to use with grading last minute because some students turn work in late. Essentially, I cannot use the rubric for grading in the most efficient way at all until all people have turned in their assignment, which really holds up grading.

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Could you please allow the instructor to attach a rubric to an assignment and HIDE IT from students until the instructor is ready to reveal it? I would like to start grading assignment submissions as they come in, but I cannot do so until after the deadline when they are all submitted (105 of them). Otherwise, students will see the rubric and the "answers," when the assignment is meant to assess them on what they can do on their own. Thanks.

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I completely agree with @matthew_heering@jessica422 and @sraeker-jordan in that we also share clear rubric and success criteria prior to the assignment and therefore use the rubrics feature to support with providing feedback. 

Ideally I would be able to have a Rubric of "What Went Wells", positive achieved criteria visible during the assignment for students to challenge themselves to achieve and then a private/unpublished rubric that I could then unhide/activate after submission that contains detailed pre-written feedback for each question. But I currently don't want students to access the latter prior to the assignment being submitted. 

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I think my issue is that there are only 2 ways to really grade work. Rubric or create something as quiz. If I want to grade something as a basic right/wrong, I cannot put the answer key into a rubric because the students see it. If I could hide the rubric, then I can grade simply assignments while having the answer key and mark correct/incorrect responses all in one.

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While I understand the comments above that a rubric is meant to guide students and indicate how they will be evaluated, I want to recapitulate what others are saying that it would be a useful feature in Speedgrader/Canvas to be able to append the Rubric with correct answers/sample work to use it as a grading guide and an answer key for after the assignment has been turned in. Doesn't matter if this is an added feature to Rubrics or a different feature altogether, I think most of the people above are asking for this to help with grading efficiency, not in the transparency and inclusiveness of their classrooms (which can be improved through sharing a rubric.) Thanks for the consideration for this feature!

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Yes, the feature needs to be implemented immediately.  It is creating so much confusion among my students.  I grade question by question and update the rubric for each student as I progress through.  If grades are hidden then so should rubric comments and points.

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Can I vote on this?

YES this needs to be addressed!  If a RUBRIC the only grading mechanism in SpeedGrader, then either MAKE IT MORE FLEXIBLE for grading applications or INTRODUCE a NEW GRADING/SCORING TOOL.

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I, too, want to HIDE my rubrics until my students have completed by assignment. Each of my rubrics is specific to the content of the students' reading assignments. If the students access the rubrics ahead of time, they will see the answers! All we need is a little box to check mark.