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I'd like to see the rubrics within Canvas support percentages rather than fixed points. Like many instructors, I'm constantly tinkering my point distribution to ensure both a challenging environment and equity in the classroom. Having the ability to change the final point value in a single area and then have the rubric be applied based on percentages rather than points would make this MUCH easier.

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Agreed! There are a few professors at my institution who use roobrix.com in order to get the percentages calculated based on performance level instead of raw average. The option to toggle how rubric percentages are calculated or to be able to enter percentages over points would be most welcome. Here's a little more info- How to Convert Rubric Scores into Percent Grades | Roobrix.com

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This makes all the sense in the world.  Outside of Canvas, typical analytic rubrics have a fixed rating scale that applies to all criteria and the total points possible in the rubric is determined by the number of points in the rating scale and the number of criteria, which often have nothing to do with the weight or point value of the assignment to which the rubric is applied.  For example, a rubric for written communication might have a 4 point rating scale and 7 criteria for a total of 28 possible points.  Suppose the instructor wants to use this rubric for a final paper that is worth 100 points in the gradebook as well as for an early draft of the same paper that is worth only 25 points.  As things stand today, the instructor would need to tweak the point values for each criteria to make them add up to the desired point value for each assignment.  If Canvas simply calculated the percentage earned on the rubric  (x divided by 28) and multipled that by the total points possible on the assignment, the same rubric could be used across multiple assignments in multiple courses without modification, which is a common practice.   

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If we must place rubrics on Canvas, they should be as flexible as possible, so percentages are better than set values.  However, I am concerned about the drive toward rubrics, which are not universally accepted, do not universally apply to assignments and are not used by all instructors.  Placing them on Canvas for our optional use is fine.  Should it become an expectation that they will then be applied by all instructors, we have a problem.  Why not let professors choose to put a rubric on their Canvas pages, or not, that is specific to their own assignments?

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This also makes more sense if you want to use the same rubric on multiple submissions of an assignment. For example I routinely have students do a rough draft of a writing assignment and then a final draft. The final draft is worth more than the rough draft, but I'd like to be able to use the same rubric. Instead in Canvas what I have to do is create two separate rubrics. Then if I change anything I have to change it twice. Annoying.

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We want to use a Rubric which incorporates a deduction in credit for the mechanics of a discussion grade.  I have not found a way to enter negative amounts in the Rubric to accomplish this, i.e. a student can fulfill the obligations to successfully complete a discussion submission, but post this one day late or in the wrong location.  Either of these result in a deduction from the discussion grade.  Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this with the Rubric options currently available in Canvas?

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Thank you all for your insight. We want to be able to add as much flexibility to scoring with rubrics. At this time, this work is not slated for the next 12 months. We will continue to monitor and evaluate use cases and needs. As use cases arise, we would love to hear about them!

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Hi  @bparsons1 ​,

We will continue including rubrics as an option. It is not our goal to "force" any instructional tool within Canvas. Rather, provide them to make instruction easier if it fits in with their unique instructional goals.


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A colleague of mine pointed me to this thread. I'm very interested in getting this reopened as we have a great need at my institution for this type of rubric functionality. Our current lms does this and as we migrate all of our courses to Canvas within the next two years, our instructors will find this as a major deficiency in Canvas. Let me know if you have questions.


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I agree with Ravi.  This is a huge need for us.

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Hi Jonathan:

I voted this up!