[SIS] Filter Out Inactive Course Categories

Problem statement:

With the OneRoster integration, all grading categories are displayed when using the Sync SIS Categories feature located in Assignments. This occurs whether or not the grading category is active or inactive or even set to only be utilized in a specific class. The previous integration, Kimono-based SIS, would filter out all of the course's inactive and unassigned categories before syncing them over to Canvas. This allowed the teacher to only view categories available for the course the categories were created for. Our teachers teach several different subjects, so there are many categories that are synced over to each of their courses and sections. Some teachers choose the incorrect categories because of this inability to filter based on the setting applied in the SIS and experience grade passback issues throughout the year. SIS: PowerSchool

Proposed solution:

Implementation of the ability to filter categories synched from the SIS based on the categories assigned to the specific course would be the ideal solution for this problem.

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