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Our instructors would like to be able to edit appointments in the scheduler instead of having to delete and recreate them.  If a student has already signed up for an appointment and it has been modified, it should notify the student and request an approval for the new time.


Instructors would also like to edit the sign up list.  They want to be able to add or remove course participants from the appointment.


There are a number of situations in which this capability would be useful.

- An instructor that has accidentally created a number of appointments and needs to change them.

- A group reschedules with the instructor, it would be easier to just modify the appointment than create a new one and have them sign up again.

- A student cancels an appointment but doesn't remove themselves from the calendar.

- The instructor needs to assign students to an appointment block. (Maybe they didn't sign up yet, but the instructor wants to lock them in)

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As a music instructor, I've been asking my students to sign up on our Canvas calendar for their bi-weekly appointments with me and one of my students wanted to sign up for the same day and time for the rest of the semester.  Problem is that Canvas will only let her sign up for one date and wants to know if she would like to cancel that date when she tries to get dates out further.  Is there any way they can do this?  Seems like it should be possible to sign up for more than one appointment at a time, but I don't see anything in the Canvas Resources about this problem.  Students cannot make any future appointments, in fact, because they already had one, so they have to go back and cancel the one they had before in order to make a future one.
If this could be remedied it would help a lot.  Thanks so much!
Charmian Tashjian  (btashjian@clcillinois.edu)

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Please implement a feature where teachers sign students up for a Canvas appointment and teachers can edit time and/or date within a created time slot.  It would be very beneficial for teachers to schedule appointments for students and edit the times/dates of appointments already created even after a student has signed up for that time slot.  I know I can edit certain information within the time slot but I cannot change the date or time without having to delete that specific event then starting over again and having students to sign up again.  If a time or date of an appointment has changed, there should be a feature within Canvas that allows the event creator to edit it.  Thanks!

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I also add my support to the request for teachers to be able to assign students (and groups for group appointments) to calendar appointment.  Like others, I use the appointments to schedule in-class student presentations, and while most students sign themselves up there are always a few who don't, so I want to be able to assign them a timeslot, Having to manage two appointment lists - one in Canvas and one outside - is a real pain.



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I am an instructor.

It should be possible for a professor/teacher to assign an appointment slot to someone other than a student assigned to a given appointment group (i.e. in a particular class). 

It often happens that it would be appropriate for someone other than a current student (e.g. a colleague, alum, etc.) to come by the office during as-yet-unbooked office hours.

I think that this can be done, but only by deleting the appointment slot.  And it is not clear whether or not doing this deletion will delete it across the board, or just that one day.  I would want to delete it only for that one time.  And it would be far better if I could open the appointment time and plug in a name of my choosing instead of having to delete.

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Adding that this would still be a helpful change.  There seem to be two ideas going here, one to allow instructors to schedule on behalf of and the second to allow instructors to edit dates/times of appointments. 

While both would be helpful, the ability to edit the date/time came up today for us.  Instructor accidentally setup all the appointments for Spring break and can't change them, has to delete all of them.  

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Over 6 years later, is it fixed yet? 
I often have to edit my schedule, and today I need to add students who haven't signed up.
I should be able to do that easily. Please make this happen.

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I would like to edit time slot as well. 

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