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I should be able to use the scheduler to set up appointment slots for office hours for one week and then have an option for Canvas to automatically create the same schedule on subsequent weeks.

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So disappointing to see that this recurring appointment groups feature is non-existent still.

Individual events can be scheduled to occur weekly (one day only, but that's something) for a number of weeks we set. This function cannot be used for several courses, however, as the sign-ups on our calendar would not display across courses, causing potential conflicts of multiple students in different courses requesting the same time. ☹

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I would like to set up a recurring calendar appointment every Tuesday from 4:15 to 5:00, split into 3 15 minute appointment groups my students can sign up for. Right now, it appears I can have either a recurring appointment OR an appointment set up into 3 appointments students can sign up for, but it can't be both. Thank you.

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Having gone through the scheduling slog once more, I still back development of a much more streamlined scheduler with the ability to schedule repeating appointment times over multiple days, such as one can easily do in Outlook Calendar, for example, through check boxes for days of the week and a date range to begin and end.  The code for splitting said appointment times (usually office hours) into specific time frames, allowing one or multiple students to book, etc. already exists.  This feature request goes back more than five years and is really an industry standard in other applications.  Office hours and other advising appointments are fundamental to post secondary education.  A really high-functioning, user-friendly, time-saving scheduler with an attractive and intuitive GUI would be a major selling point to that market.  And isn't there off-the-shelf code out there to guide the development?

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You might want to try Microsoft Bookings. So far I find it very easy to use. But as we replace these various things Canvas doesn't do so well, we eventually won't need Canvas anymore.  

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We have faculty asking abut this feature at our institution. We'd much rather have students stay in the LMS rather than use YouCanBookMe, Calendly, MS Bookings, Doodle, etc. Providing a consistent and predictable experience is important to us.

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Problem statement:

Teachers who have help session type appointments, have to create the appointment for every session.

Proposed solution:

Allow the option for people to create a recurring appointment time.

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