[Speedgrader] Comment Library Template

Problem statement:

Personalized comments in SpeedGrader show that a grader cares about the performance of an individual student. When creating comments to be used in the SpeedGrader Comment library it would be nice to have a template language that can use a placeholder for a student's name. So that when inserted by the grader, the student's name is already brought in rather than the instructor typing it in themselves.

Proposed solution:

For example the comment library could have an entry like: Good job __STUDENTNAME__!, and then when inserted by the grader it would replace __STUDENTNAME__ with the name of the student. Other fields that could be auto-inserted might be __COURSENAME__, or provide links back to the assignment instructions __ASSIGNMENTINSTRUCTIONSURL__ The main one I'd like to see is the name of the student. For instructors that don't want to do the coding themselves this might require a more sophisticated user interface to the comment library. Thank you for considering this.

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