[Speedgrader] Confusion about comments being sent to students or not when grades are hidden

Problem statement:

An instructor at our university pointed out that it's quite confusing that is says "Send comment to this student only" and "Send comment to the whole group" when submitting comments on a group assignment in Speedgrader, although the grades are not yet posted. The instructor got unsure whether the comments are hidden (which they are) or not when it says "Send comment".

Proposed solution:

Maybe you can reformulate this to "Save comment" or similar or add some extra information that's only visible when the grades are hidden.

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Status changed to: Added to Theme

Hi, @SofiaToivonen. Thank you for sharing this idea with the Community. After reviewing as a product team, we feel that this idea should move forward and have added it to the theme of 'Improved UI Controls and Usability - Added or clearer CTAs and functionality'.