[Speedgrader] Move the emoji image out of the comments textbox

Problem statement:

Instructors can add emojis to comments as they grade Assignments. However, the emoji image that they click on to add emojis gets in the way and can cover up the text that they are typing in the textbox. It's frustrating to have to enlarge the text box just to move the emoji image out of the way.

Proposed solution:

Move the button to click to add an emoji outside the textbox or otherwise move it out of the way of the text so that it will never cover up comment text as instructors are grading.

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Community Team
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@jennlove  Thank you for this idea. I've been experiencing issues here as well.

Every single time I am entering comments I find that I need to begin by pressing enter 2-4 times to get the emoji button lower and out of my way. In a course of +30 students with two deliverables each week for nine weeks that means I am clicking the enter key because of this icon well over 500 times for this course alone.

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agreed - that emoji in the comment box is irritating and blocks text.

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It is poor placement and leads to an low contrast ratio when text is under it. Normally, Canvas is much more diligent about their accessibility checks.

As annoying as it is (probably more so since I don't appreciate or understand emojis), it's typically only there for a few characters at the end of any line as I'm typing and I don't find it necessary to hit enter a bunch of times first. I guess one benefit of having to look at my keyboard as I type is that I don't notice things on the screen so much.

Because emojis are a definite afterthought to me, I don't like that it doesn't honor where the cursor is when you click it. It always adds the emoji to the end of the text.

I guess most people put emojis at the end? If so, that helps explain why it is where it is. It minimizes the distance someone would have to move their mouse to add an emoji.

I would like to see it moved (or gone completely), but it's not as big of an issue as some other things that Canvas does wrong.

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Yes, please move and/or remove this! It's unfortunate I have to keep writing my own scripts/styles to correct very confusing UI/UX decisions. There are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to easily put emojis as comments if someone chooses to do so.

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Please remove the emoji feature. While emojis might be nice for elementary school children and social media, it is a silly, overused, and contrived concept. It certainly is not necessary for college level courses. Instructors should have the ability to eliminate it.

Thank you.

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