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Our teachers and student support managers, who keep track of a student's progress across all courses, have an overwhelming need to view all students grades even though they are not one of their teachers. We would love a summary view of student's grades just like students and parents can see when they click on Grades from the Global Navigation. Currently, our staff have to go to each course to see a student's grade in that course, which is far from efficient. We would like for staff to simply be able to click on the student's name and see their progress in all courses they are enrolled in.

I am aware that Dropout Detective provides this functionality, but we do not need the extra features it provides.


Note: This was previously requested in the old community.

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Working with K-12 schools over the years I've found that there is a high need for certain positions at the school to have access to course information for a large cohort students. The specific use cases I've seen for this are counselors, IEP case managers, and other SPED roles. The current workaround is to give these users an admin role where they can search for each student and either allow them to masquerade as each user individually or search for a student and manually go into each enrollment. This either gives that user the masquerading feature (which many schools don't want to do) or make it very burdensome for the user to click into 100+ courses. I've also seen schools make the user an observer for all of their students' enrollments which also creates a lot of courses to click through. An easy to navigate way for these professionals to be able to monitor these large cohorts progress will make Canvas an even more powerful tool at the K-12 level.

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As a teacher and form tutor, this tool would be invaluable. Whilst some of the key grades are stored on our MIS (SIMS) I would love to be able to pull together a report for a student on the grades or average grades in different subjects (when talking with parents)

The role of tutor may of course be a particularly UK feature and not relevant to other schooling systems. It is not necessarily a special role.

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In Tennessee, all public schools are required to use RTI systematically to provide intervention for students with identified levels of needs and then to also monitor students' progress  during the course of intervention. Therefore, students will be going to math and English interventions as well as interventions/guided study classes for intervention in other core classes, and the teachers who lead those targeted interventions need access to these students' grades and assignment descriptions so that they can assist students in meeting needs for their core classes from within the realm of intervention.

Two reasons that we need this feature are:

  1. Intervention teachers and counselors need to be able to see student grades and assignment instructions in order to assist them in gaining essential learning and skills that the students need to meet required curriculum standards.
  2. Parents need to be able to see student grades and assignment instructions so that they can help track their children's progress in class and provide support from home.
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Teacher will be better able to assist students who need remediation.  This will allow teacher the ability to help students during intervention by being able to monitor their grades across subjects and see assignments that they are missing.

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For almost two years our college has been using Dropout Detective for monitoring our online students grades (and other risk factors) and have found it extremely useful. It is so much easier to catch at-risk students before they are failing when you can see all of their grades for all their courses. That being said, we only have this for our online courses (right now it makes the most sense for how we do things), but I would love it if Canvas would develop a built-in feature that would allow me to do this for ALL students!

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Martha, Chris, Karli, Whitney

I picked up this link in Twitter from Sam Blythe, director of K12 sales in Europe.

Dropout Detective — AspirEDU

I wonder if this might be the sort of thing we could be after? I asked Bas Ten Holter, regional director for benelux a similar question recently.

Scenario 2: Tutor/Head of Year

A parent has emailed me concerned with the progress of their child and would like an update. How as a tutor or Head of Year can I get an overview of performance of the child assuming teachers are putting results in a gradebook and using the mastery feature.

His response:

You can report on the individual activity of a student as well as their learning mastery. See https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-1908

What we see in general is that these questions tend to disappear once you turn on the parental observer role so parents or guardians can get an almost real-time feed of attendance, grades, interactions etc. so they are not 'in the dark' between parent-teacher meetings and ask these kinds of overviews.

Hope we both of these might help us?

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Apparently great minds think alike! Smiley Happy

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We've looked at Dropout Detective, but unfortunately it doesn't serve our purposes.

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What did you want to do that it would not let you? Was it reflecting your curriculum needs?