[Student Grades] Student grade view- arrange by module- students cannot see which assignments are associated with which module in the grade view.

Problem statement:

Canvas currently allows students to sort their graded by module, but when sorted, students cannot tell which assignments belong to which module from that view. Similarly, they cannot tell where one module ends and where another begins. I want to be able to tell students "all homework from the Genetics module must be completed by X date". Students cannot open their grades and quickly see which assignments are from the GEnetics module, which are missing, etc.

Proposed solution:

Can you add a tag to the grade view to visibly tell students which assignments belong in which module?

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Hi, @briczu! Thank you for sharing this idea in the Community. Our product team has taken a look and believe it fits nicely into the following theme - 'Increase student visibility into course expectations' as this would help students to understand your expectations around final cut off for assignment submission.