[Studio] Immediate Feedback in Quizzes

We use Studio to teach new concepts using video instruction with embed quiz questions into the video to gauge students' understanding of what they watched. Currently, students have to watch the entire video, answer the quiz questions, and submit it before they can get the results of how they did. It would be helpful if students receive immediate feedback on each individual question so that they would not mistaking hold on to incorrect thinking throughout the video, but rather would find out if their thinking is correct or not before proceeding with the rest of the video. A question forum post shared this frustration as well.

Suggested Change:

Add in an option with Studio Quizzes to give students immediate feedback after each individual questions. So after students answer a question, they submit their response and are immediately told if it is correct or not instead of waiting until all questions have been completed.


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@CarlaD07  Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for discussion, you might also be interested in adding your comments to this related idea: New Quizzes: Immediate feedback in quizzes - Canvas Community 

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