Take a Photo and Submit

Much like the Media Recorder, I am requesting that students be able to take a picture and upload it right in the web browser. I work primarily with Elementary students and this would be a great feature for our younger learners.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2021-03-20)

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YES! This would be a wonderful option for elementary students. While they can usually take an image on their device and then upload, the students need as few steps as possible when working virtually. PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION!

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This would be a fantastic feature.  Not only would this help with younger students who need an easy process to submit original paper work but it would also be of great use for art submissions and those with disabilities.  Students with vision problems can work on enlarged paper and submit assignments that they might not be able to see on a computer screen due to size, color or contrast.  I hope this feature can be added to the Canvas platform.

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I have called and messaged canvas support about this exact issue! I teach TK-2 and I need this for handwriting practice! I want a still picture so I can download, mark up, and re-upload so students can compare my writing to theirs! Also for math assignments this would be incredible!!!

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Yes!  We NEED This!  I teach TK and need the simplest of simple ways for them to be able to do this independently.  I loved that in Google classroom it was so easy for them to use their Chromebook to snap a picture of them holding their paper up to the camera and submit it!  

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This would be such a huge help. Canvas is a nightmare for elementary school without this.

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I am a math teacher and am trying to find the easiest way for students to submit pictures of their work as part of their assignment/quiz.  There are several ways to upload files to submit as an assignment, but this is confusing for many students, especially those who don't have a phone.  Could you possibly include a camera button that will allow students to use their Chromebook/laptop camera to snap a picture of their work in the assignment itself and submit that as their file?

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HUGE help!  Submitting a picture requires WAY to many steps.

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Yes, our elementary Canvas users would have a much easier time using Canvas if this feature was added.

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Yes this feature would be so helpful for math teachers especially!!

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This would be extremely helpful for young students. Many of ours are on laptops, and figuring out how to access a webcam or transfer a photo from one device to another is TOO MANY STEPS. Even here on this board, there is a camera icon to quickly add a picture. Please add this for our students!