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As we are just beginning the process of working with Canvas, I was surprised that there isn't a seamless integration with Google Drive and Canvas. It would be awesome to have that capability! Because we are a GAFE school and teachers store created files in the cloud, downloading them locally creates a serious problem and extra steps that make uploading files into Canvas tedious and time consuming. Is there anyway this feature can be added?  Thanks!


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As a new Canvas school, I would like to add my frustration to this.

We are a GAFE school as well and we really liked the Google integration we saw when explored Canvas.  To see that teachers can not embed docs and presentations is very frustrating.  I do not want to put links in an assignment taking students out of Canvas - when one of the selling features is that we can do everything in Canvas.


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We just want to be able to embed our google documents into assignment pages.

Also, I noticed that students can directly submit their google docs into assignments, but it does not integrate well. Searching for their file isn't an option, they have to scroll through everything. Also, it only shows specific types of files, and not everything that's in their google drive. It just does not work well.

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Integrating with other tools our users need is a point of differentiation for Canvas. We work very hard to make Canvas a platform that is easy to integrate with by adopting open standards like LTI and by offering extensive APIs with good documentation. The large number of apps in the EduAppCenter are a good example of the fruits of this work.

We know that Google Docs is used extensively by many schools and institutions (including Instructure) and we aspire to have a better integration than the homework submission tool that is already available. The size of this project would be too large to fit in among our other priorities for 2015, but it is a project we are scoping for early 2016. The first priority would be to improve the Google Drive Integration, and we will also consider other ways to improve how we integrate with the Google ecosystem.

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Thanks for the update. We realize this will be a big project, but it will be so worth it. Many will be very happy, and this will give Canvas a huge advantage in the K-12 world over competitors.

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Thanks for the update. I strongly urge you to make this a very high priority for early 2016. This is really impacting our teachers and students, and it causes an extra load on the IT support team since we repeatedly have to explain the convoluted way in which Google docs need to be shared, particularly on iPad.

Thanks for your attention to this!

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Though this thread seems to be a bit outdated and is maybe not monitored any more, this topic is a large priority and it is frustrating that it is not a higher priority.

Part of the sales pitch of Canvas is the Google Integration. Teachers need to have this capability in the RTE. Please, please, please move this to a late 2015 priority. We are feeling as though this is a deficit.

Thank you.

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Completely agree.

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​amen,human! We need this!

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Hey - early 2016 is only 3 months away...right? Which would actually put this in the 6 month timeframe...