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Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and the bright white light from Canvas can hurt their eyes. The main reason why I want it is because it would look better on my computer. Youtube and Google have these options, why not Canvas? Thank you for reading!


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While we are not able to announce that this idea has been completed, it is important to celebrate that Dark Mode has been added to Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent. (2022-07-05)

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I think there should be a dark mode added that changes the color scheme from black text on white background to white or tan text on black background. This would be good for people experiencing eye-strain from the long hours they have to spend reading content on Canvas. 

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I think it would be extremely helpful if a dark mode/dark theme could be added to Canvas! Please consider this for any future updates/software development. Thanks!

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This would be awesome in both the app and website, shouldn't be too hard to do from a code standpoint, and is much easier on the eyes when doing homework late at night.

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My understanding is that this is alredy in the works for the mobile apps!

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It would be great if there was a user-configurable setting for Canvas and the admin console to have a "night mode" where the colors are more subdued than the stark white.  It seems like currently this can only be accomplished with web plugin hacks.

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This is an accessibility issue. It's not just eye strain (which should already be enough). I'm not the first person to comment who has a disability which makes light mode a hazard. 

I have photophobia due to epilepsy. Staring at a white screen gives me a headache within minutes, migraines in less than half an hour, and begins to cause absence seizures within an hour. I'm really not willing to risk brain damage or death from seizures in order to access my classwork. And it's completely unacceptable to expect me to do so. 

I'm really glad folks find dark mode aesthetically pleasing. When accessibility tools have mass appeal, they become easier for everyone to access. But please do not mistake the request for dark mode to be a frivolous desire for a pretty screen. 

The canvas app is hostile tech. It is not accessible to disabled users. And that inaccessibility is standing in the way of our education.

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I agree with all the use cases that have been mentioned so far, and I myself also need to use a dark mode whenever possible.  However, I'm not sure I have the time to research the privacy policy for each extension available.  I also don't think it's a great idea to add an extension without knowing if they collect webpage information, if they store it, how they use it, and if they share it.  For example, what information might be collected by an extension when I visit a Canvas Course Gradebook?

I would much prefer for Instructure to develop this feature for their own website so we can be confident that protected information isn't being taken.  An early Instructure rep mentioned the challenges behind developing a dark mode, but that was 4 years ago so maybe it's time for an Instructure team to take another look into the possibility.

I've also seen that Microsoft is a Featured Partner with Instructure, so maybe they can share information.  I use Outlook for Web's dark mode, and Microsoft did an excellent job implementing it without distorting the rich content I receive or type.

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Looks like dark mode has been added to the iOS apps 🥳🥳

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The inability to allow a user to simply invert the colors on the page is astounding.
I understand that things aren't technically a flip of a switch, but this is causing people physical pain and should be taken seriously, even if that means some content wont be displayed exactly as the original creator intended.
The original suggestion is over 4 years old, This means that either the user would have to endure the pain for an entire degrees worth of instruction, or they must enable some other unverified extension.
If any developer is being paid by instructure, they (or the person directing their energies) should be ashamed of themselves by the carelessness and insensitivity they show toward the users with eye issues.

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While we are not able to announce that this idea has been completed, it is important to celebrate that Dark Mode has been added to Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent. (2022-07-05)