[To Do] Disable the To Do List

I want students to work from the Modules and complete work in the order on the Module.  This ensures student learning progresses in a sound pedagogical order.  The student To Do list completely sabotages student learning.  If they click on an assignment on the To Do list without doing all the preparatory pages and information I have listed, in order, on the Module, they are not properly prepared or reinforcing their learning.


I have to put big red words to asking them NOT to work from the TO DO list, but some students will take the short cut anyway.  


Also, the student To Do list takes up too much screen real estate.  This right frame is completely counter-productive and unnecessary. 


Please put in a feature where the instructor can control or disable the student To Do list.

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Thanks so much!

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Please make the "To-Do" list as on option to turn on or off

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The To-Do List confuses my students

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@jmccarth I agree,  I would love to  be able to disable the to-do list!

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Yes, PLEASE make this something we can disable rather than work around.


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Please disable the to-do list.

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I agree. It is frustrating when students get locked out trying to avoid moving through the modules by going straight to the To Do list. I support disabling the To Do List.

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COME ON CANVAS this has been a problem in this forum since 2017, it is now 2021. CANVAS is being used more and more because of the current COVID situation. Parents are being asked to facilitate courses, students are expected to be responsible for their own learning and the "TO DO" list looks like a short cut when it actually makes the course more difficult for them both!  Give us a way to disable this feature in our courses! The temptation of the "TO DO" list is too great! 

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Exactly! What @nwiggins said. 


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This still needs to happen.