Upload an image directly to a discussion as a student

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As a student, I want to be able to upload an image directly to a discussion. I can only do this today using a cludgy, two-step workaround: (1) upload the image to my personal files, then (2) use the content-picker in the discussion-response window to select the image from my files. Instructors can upload images directly to discussions. Students can upload images directly to other parts of Canvas. Seems odd that this use case requires a workaround.

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Originally posted by: Sunny Washington
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This is now completed for mobile and web.

For more information, please read through the following release notes:

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.3) 

Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.3) 


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Instructure Alumni

 @jlvaughn , I have long been a proponent of simplifying the process for students to insert images into discussion posts.. However, you should know that your screenshot shows how one can insert images into posts in this Canvas Community interface, which is powered by Jive: it is not "Canvas...doing it."

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Good to know. I do appreciate it as a simple and elegant method of embedding, so perhaps it is useful as a sample.

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So where are we on this whole topic?  I'm having to provide instructions to people and I'm shaking my head at how hard this is for students.

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"Still, rather than taking a few minutes to make it happen, it might take a few days to make it happen"

So, over a year later, we still don't have one of the most basic functions of a message board, present in BB software going back decades? What took precedence over "the highest priority Discussions request"?

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It's kinda sad that the App can function better in some ways than the web version!

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Hi Amanda,

I am a coder (in my previous life), and you're correct-- This should be a pretty standard thing and simple feature to have that most all other LMS offer.  The irony here is that this exact Canvas Community forum that I am typing in right now, has this feature, as you can see by my "inserted" ie., "embedded" image below... This provides the perfect use case for the feature that was first requested back on March 31, 2015 when this idea was first voted on...




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I hate to be "that guy" but could we get some kind of an update on this feature. It has been under consideration for quite a while. There is no mention of it on Studio either.

Every semester my design team has to tell instructors that want to utilize images in Discussions how overtly complicated it is, and it is getting quite frustrating to not have functionality that a wide variety of discussion systems have. Should we just look at Vanilla Forums LTI?

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Please see this idea up for vote right now. Students need the "upload new file" button in every RCE, not just discussions, or pages. Would it be possible to just give students the same rights to upload files as teachers have?

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That was my first thought as well  @momillard ​. But, apparently this forum is powered by Jive, which is different from the Canvas system. Smiley Sad

I'm still hoping this is changed ASAP.

-Jen Vaughn

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I've been explaining the process of embedding a file a lot recently. An update on this feature would be great!