Word count for Speedgrader (DocViewer) grading

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

It would be extremely helpful for student submissions to also include a word count when we are correcting them on Speedgrader through DocViewer.

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Hello, all! Just a quick note to share that this idea is currently being worked on. There are a couple things to consider in this request and we will need to address them in iterations.

Our first step is to add word count to SpeedGrader for text entry assignments. Our currently plan is for this to be available in November.

Our next step is to do some additional scoping for how to accomplish this with files uploaded and viewed through DocViewer. More to come on this as we look into if this can be accurately and consistently made available.

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This is a great idea especially if you set a minimum thresh hold for responses in the rubric.

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Would you be able to access the word count without specific words included, or would it only be to see the actual count altoghether? An example of this would be leaving out words in paranthesis or the words "the" and "and".

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Sounds like a good reason to have an option button in the settings for word count.

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Instructure Alumni

Hey folks,

For now, I think we're at the mercy of Crocodoc on this one... they are the ones that generate the PDF's that you view and mark up in Speedgrader. We may be able to do something with Text Entry submissions... but that would be the only one I can think of where we would have control over the word count. Were you hoping to have the word count on document submissions or Text Entry submissions?

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I was envisioning the Word Count for Text Entry submissions. Thanks - Morton

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Word counts in speed grader or even somewhere more immediately visible, maybe in stats would be helpful in prefiltering entries.  You need to go where the trouble is first.

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Ideally, both document submissions and text entry. Certainly, if a word count were available for text entry submissions (but not document), I imaging that would be adequate reason for some faculty to select text entry over giving students a choice.

I would also like to see visible word counts for graded discussions in SpeedGrader.

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Word count for text entry submissions would be very helpful.

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I need a word count in Speed Grader.  Anyone teaching a lower division history class in the state of California is supposed to require 2000 words of non-test writing in order for that course to be transferable.  If we can't prove that we are requiring and receiving that number of words our classes won't articulate or transfer to the CSUs or the UCs. So I'd say this is a pretty critical issue--or should be--in California.

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I'm actually finding it a bit difficult to navigate YOUR site to figure out how to quickly and expeditiously make a suggestion!  Apparently several have suggested this before, but as someone using Canvas for the first time this semester and with assignments that contain minimums and maximums for word counts, I'm finding it very frustrating that I have to download the documents into Word to get the word counts rather than being able to use the (wonderful and excellent!) speed grader!