Multiple Selections and Bulk Manipulation

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I'd like to consolidate the various ideas and discussions that have appeared over the past 18 months, and renew this request for everyone to vote on.

I'm one of 4 course designers, and we've been using CIDI Labs (formerly Kennethware) Design Tools to streamline the course construction phase. While this tool is extremely helpful, we've already found that its usefulness is compromised by Instructure failing to address this issue (and some other others too). This one is the most obvious, and is the biggest time waster for designers (and teachers) who have more than a few digital courses to create.

Wherever repetitive tasks exist in a software application, tedium exists. We used CIDI Labs Multi Tools© to create whole sections of Assignments within the Modules area of Canvas. Great. Because the Assignment grouping feature in Canvas is mostly cosmetic, there's no way to group the assignments while they're being created. Okay, that seems like it would be a more challenging coding feat: creating separate resource types for pages, assignments, modules, discussions, etc. Fine.

Now, as you'll see in the screen shot description below, we're faced with a bunch of assignments that are all placed at the root level of the Assignments area, and we have to move them  ONE   AT   A   TIME.

Suggestion to the Instructure coding gurus: Put selection boxes next to these objects so that the ones selected can be moved or deleted  ALL  AT  ONCE.

To everyone who have ever suggested this feature, please VOTE here and elaborate with your comments. Thank you!

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This idea has been posted in various forms, and I'd like to refocus and renew the discussion. Anyone else interested in this? " modifiedtitle="true" title="No way to select multiple files to perform an action

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