Annotating Images with speedgrade in Quiz vs Assignment

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All of this is specifically for the Canvas Teacher App on IOS.

I can't annotate images, specifically jpeg, that are directly uploaded into a quiz using the "File Upload Question" type through SpeedGrader. Currently, I can annotate PDF's directly in the quiz, but not images. This is a huge deficiency, particularly considering it is possible to directly annotate student-uploaded images using an assignment, submission type File Uploads. 

I have some ideas on how to deal with this for the time being, but all are less than ideal.

  1. Convert the quiz to an assignment. I gain the ability to annotate the work, but I lose the quiz questions' autograde function, and the ability to assign points per question.
  2. Leave the quiz as a quiz but make a separate assignment specifically for students to upload their work. I now have two places to check: the quiz for their answers and the separate assignment for their work.  This will double the number of assignments in a semester, not to mention increase the chance a student forgets to upload work. But I can annotate the images and PDFs of their work.
  3. Download the files, import them into a separate app to draw the annotations, and then re-upload them as comments.

Is there a better way to do this?