Canvas Mobile Usage

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Hi! 🙂 I know Canvas Mobile is still a work in progress and that it's a relatively new feature and that they're still working on it (on mobile or on desktop), when you're on desktop, and I like the Canvas UI when you can upload things) and in the different functions and places you can navigate to different areas and see your progress in different areas in your courses that you're taking.  One thing that I've always been curious about is joining courses (and/or calls when you're on mobile because it's sort of hard to join from mobile) like when you're in Jigsaw or Bigbluebutton and in the UI (when it's being redesigned) and in the Canvas UI. (when you're logging in.) Some ways to fix this could be to update the system from time to time) when you're being muted (or when you're turning on camera features in Canvas.)