File upload completed on Device but not showing

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Hi All,

I have run into an issue as a student.

I submitted a file to answer an exam question; file upload ensued. I watched the completion percentage hit 100%, and then the confetti graphic showed on the screen.

However, when it was time for my professor to grade the assignment, the file was not present.

Unfortunately, I was unaware that this could be an issue and did not screenshot the completed submission.

Troubleshooting steps taken (Submitted on Canvas Mobile App iPad):

  • Verified that the file was not present on the student-submitted files page.
  • iPad system logs do not go back far enough (15 days ago at the time of the device check) to show any iOS-level data.

Is there any way to show evidence that the file was submitted on my end, perhaps by the quiz action log or developer-level logs?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,