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Hi when the students annotate on a pdf that is included in an assignment using the iOS app, the annotations have disappeared for some of the students when they returned to the assignment. Some of the students can still see their annotations and some can’t. Some have already submitted and some have not.

Any ideas of why this is happening? Could it be a setting in the IPad? The students would like to be able to continue with their annotations or maybe change some of their annotations depending on the teachers feedback. 

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We’ve been using this guide and can’t find the answer there https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Student-iOS-Guide/How-do-I-submit-a-PDF-assignment-with-an...

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Hey @jonna_radegard ,


I am sorry to hear that some students have not been able to see their annotations after entering them the first time. That certainly seems like it could be happening due to a couple of things. One thing to always consider when using apps is making sure the app as well as the device is up to date on any software updates available. Generally speaking, the more consistent the app and device are kept up-to-date the more consistent things will work as intended. 

Another thing that could help here is clearing out the app cache in the Canvas Student App as mentioned in the Canvas guide linked here.

I would try these steps:

1. Clear the app cache using the steps in this guide.

2. Log out of the Student Canvas App using the steps in this guide.

3. Close the Student Canvas App on your device.

4. Uninstall the Student Canvas App from your device. 

5. Shut down your device and then turn it back on after about 2 minutes. 

6. Reinstall the Canvas Student App through the App Store on your iOS device. 

7. Open the Canvas Student App and log back into your account. 

8. Check the Calendar and see if the events appear as intended.


Hopefully, these steps and suggestions will help your students regarding this situation!! Let us know if yo need further help!!


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