“invalid launch” error for quiz

Community Member

Hi! I have been trying to open up this quiz for one of my classes since yesterday morning and each time i open it up it’s give me this screen and then when i refresh it’s gives me a blank screen with “invalid launch”. I have restarted my ipad, went onto new wi-fi, tried on my macbook and phone, tried on my freinds device, logged out etc, and i’ve basically tried all the troubleshooting tips i could think of and it still won’t work. I have went to my schools tech person to see if she could help me but she wasn’t able to fix the problem. I asked my teacher about it and she didn’t know how to fix it. My other classmates were all able to open the quiz besides me. Is there anyone that could help me fix this? The quiz was due last night so ideally i should finish it by tomorrow midnight unless i wanna take a zero. Thank you for any help i appreciate it a lot!