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A mass assignment comment based on status would be very nice

I am meticulous in documenting my feedback on each assignment. It's such a pain in the fingers to copy and paste generic comments as you cycle through each student who did not submit an assignment. I know there is a message feature from the gradebook, but I do not want that. I want to document the feedback left in the actual assignment and not a direct message. Can you give us the option to batch a comment to an entire group of student assignments based on status like missing, late, incomplete, etc?

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Currently, the closest feature Canvas has built out is messaging students based on their status for an assignment. I understand not wanting to send direct messages  or reminders to students this way and simply leave them feedback. Part of the issue can stem from leaving students feedback who didn't submit assignments - where is the feedback going to be left without a submission? This is why the send message feature can be helpful, but I certainly understand wanting a faster way to remind students that they haven't completed an assignment. There are others who have requested similar ideas like this one to send reminders:

Right now the Ideas forum is undergoing an update and improvement and posting new ideas has been postponed (temporarily) while undergoes construction. However, you can still search through them. Canvas implements great ideas such as this that we find within the community. You can read more about the timeline and upcoming changes here: