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A variation on using question groups

I would like to be able to have the functionality of providing (say) seven questions, each with the same number of points, on a Canvas quiz -- but requiring the student to answer only five of them. Is this functionality possible? It seems to be like a variant of the question groups functionality where the student, rather than Canvas, would choose which questions to answer.

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You could just adjust the number of points per question so that the total come out to what you want. 5 points spread out over seven questions is 0.72pts per question. When you grade, you give 1 point for each of the selected questions, and zero for the two non-selected questions. 

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😀That is indeed a valid solution given my original specification for the problem, which I now realize was incomplete. Let me rectify that now.

I neglected to mention that this is for a 200-person class, so the grading has to be fully automated. If it helps, these will not be essay questions. But the grading process has to enforce the condition that exactly five out of seven questions are answered. (Or, if the student has answered more than five, take the top five scores only.)