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AEFIS/Canvas cross-listing API Endpoint

Greetings Canvas Community! 

I am an instructional designer at my institution, not a programmer. I've been asked to look into an issue that's created when we cross-list courses. When we cross-list courses I see the student's original section  in the Section tab of the cross-listed course and also next to the student's name in the People tab. I'm not understanding why AEFIS can't get what they need. Is anyone else who also uses AEFIS experiencing the problem they describe below? Is there a work around? Thanks! 


When a Canvas course is cross-listed or combined, all of the enrolled students appear in the Canvas course, even though some are actually registered for a different catalog course/section in Banner (or any SIS). We use AEFIS for assessing the students in the course. It appears to AEFIS as if Canvas is not sending AEFIS original registration information of the student in the API, which means that the students in other sections/cross-listed courses are not pulled into the student roster in AEFIS and their assessment data is not collected. We need an API endpoint that provides information about the original enrollment information of the student. Not only the information related to the course that they were cross-listed to. 

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Thanks @CindiKerns for listing this.  At the Univ of Minnesota, we are experiencing the same issue so are rallying to upvote this issue!  

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Yes, we need Canvas to update the API endpoint as well.  I hope this can get some attention soon.

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The sections that the students are in within the parent course are based on the original courses from which the students were crosslisted.  It is already possible to call the Canvas API to obtain the section information for the enrollments, thereby obtaining the information about which course they were originally crosslisted from.

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Good point. I'll pass it along and see if I can get an explanation of why that doesn't solve the problem. @atshelp 

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